Apple Acquires Web App Design Company Particle

Posted Oct 18, 2012

Apple has bought Particle, a web app design company that Justin Timberlake invested in according to CNET.  The acquisition was for an undisclosed sum.  Particle was started in 2008 by Aubrey Anderson and Cole Rise.  The two co-founders did some design work for Apple while working at other companies.  The Particle team started by creating HTML5 web applications for companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon.

Particle helped create some of the content that revolves around iAds, iTunes Extras, and  Apple acquired the company last month as part of an “acqui-hire,” which means that the company was most interested in the talent at the company rather than the services and products that the company created.

Apple and Particle have not publicly acknowledged the acquisition as of yet, but the LinkedIn profiles of the employees at Particle say that they are now working at Apple.  Cole Rise calls himself as a technologist at Apple now.

Personally I like the tagline on the Particle website: “Life is long.  Get excited and make things.”  Most other people are known for saying “life is short,” but I like the optimism that Particle has.