Apple Adds Editors’ Choice and App Of The Week To Mac App Store and iTunes

Posted May 25, 2012

Finding some of the best apps on the Apple App Store can be rather difficult. This is why Apple acquired Chomp. Apple has also launched a new section called for iTunes and the Mac App Store called “Editors’ Choice.” The current Editors’ Choice on the iTunes is Cobook, Facebook Camera, Extreme Skater, Air Mail, and Sketchbook Ink. As part of the “app of the week” series, Apple has made Cut The Rope: Experiments free. The Amazon Appstore is known for offering apps for free at a heavy discount, promotional discounts for iOS and the Mac App Store are up to the developer. To my understanding, if a developer significantly reduces their price as requested by Apple, they would be given 100% of the revenue rather than the typical 70-30 split.