Apple and Google Top Brand Value List In Interbrand Study

Posted Sep 30, 2013

Interbrand has released a new study for the most valued brands of the year.  Apple took the number one spot from Coca-Cola and Google has the number two spot.  This is the first time that a company has beat Coca-Cola since 2000.


Interbrand assessed the Apple brand value at $98.3 billion and Google has a brand value of $93.3 billion.  Coca-Cola was valued at $79.2 billion.  Samsung jumped from ninth place to eight place as they hit a 20% brand value increase.

Intel’s brand value dropped 5% and is at ninth place.  Interbrand uses a formula based on the company’s financial performance and how well the brand can charge premium prices.

“Every so often, a company changes our lives — not just with its products, but with its ethos. This is why…Apple now ranks No. 1,” stated Interbrand global chief executive officer Jez Frampton.

Back in 2000, Apple was in 36th place.  In 2012, Apple was ranked number 2 and Google was ranked number 4.  In terms of the brand value that rose the fastest, Facebook was ranked the highest with a 43% increase in brand value over the past year.

Facebook is ranked #52 on the overall 2013 list, which is up 69th place in 2012.  Facebook was one of the fastest growing because of their growth in users, including mobile users and users in Asia.

[Source: CNET]