Apple and HTC Has To Provide Samsung With Their Settlement Agreement Details

Posted Nov 22, 2012

HTC and Apple made a patent settlement earlier this month.  Now Samsung has asked the court to force Apple turns over their settlement agreement with HTC.  U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal granted the request.

Samsung believes that the document could play a huge role in determining if they will need to take any of its products off the market.  If Apple had licensed some of their unique user experience patents, then the company would be fine with competitors using their intellectual property as long as they receive money in return.

Since Apple is receiving a payout with the $1.049 billion verdict that was made in late August, they believe that an injunction is not justified.  The information will be passed over subject to an “Attorneys-Eyes-Only” designation so we won’t know the full details.  Only Samsung and their lawyers will.

[Source: TheVerge]