Apple Approves Eucalyptus iPhone Application

Posted May 27, 2009

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has gotten around to approving an application that they found faulty before.  The application is called Eucalyptus and it is an e-book reader that sells for $9.99 [iTunes link].  The reason why the application was banned was because the Kama Sutra was one of the titles that can be downloaded out of the 20,000+ books that is offered.

Some of the features of Eucalyptus includes:
1. Natural page turning
2. Hand-picked recommendations of books to read
3. Easy search capabilities for book titles and authors
4. Organizes book titles and authors similar to how an iPod organizes songs and artists
5. Text resize with finger pinch
6. High quality fonts

The developer of the application, James Montgomerie said that Apple contacted him directly to discuss why his application was banned.  He said that Apple was very polite and complimentary.  Customer service is definitely one of Apple’s core strengths.