Apple Being Sued Over iPad Covers

Posted Apr 27, 2012

Apple Inc. is being sued by a man in Colorado who claims that Apple’s smart cover for the new iPad and iPad 2 violate his 2005 patent for a “Portable Computer Case.” Aspen, Colorado resident Jerald Bovino filed a lawsuit in federal court asking Apple and Target to pay royalties for using his technology.

Bovino’s patent is #6,977,809, which describes an “integral case” that attaches to a computer. The patent says that this is useful in situations like going through X-ray lines at an airport. The iPad Smart Cover retails for $39.95 and it attaches to iPads using a magnet. Bovino’s patent also refers to a series of ribs on the case to protect the device.

Apple recently received a similar patent of their own for the iPad cover. Bovino’s received his patent in 2005, which is 6 years before Apple released the iPad 2 and the cover for it.