Apple Blocks Netshare App, Brings It Back, And Removes It Again

Posted Aug 3, 2008

This past Friday, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) returned a Nullriver application in it’s App Store that they had blocked on Thursday evening.  The application makes it possible for iPhones on a data plan to act as a wireless device for computers and laptops.

Apple Inc. has not sent any response to iPhone users or to Nullriver why the application was removed.  The application was removed several hours after placed on the App Store and sold for $5.99.  It was then brought back on Friday.  And it is now offline once again.

“We’re not quite sure why Apple took down the NetShare application yet, we’ve received no communication from Apple thus far,” states the Nullriver homepage.  “NetShare did not violate any of the Developer or AppStore agreements.”

My hypothesis on why Apple removed it is because it conflicts with another product that telecomm companies want to sell to consumers.  For example, Sprint sells Mobile Broadband USB Modem services for $50 per month.  If AT&T wants to compete with Sprint in this market, they would have a hard time selling this service to iPhone 3G owners.  Why would they pay $50 per month when you can spend $4.99 for an app that does the same service?

Apple should have been more clearn in the do’s and don’ts of applications in their Developer and AppStore agreements.

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