Apple CEO Tim Cook Offered Bob Mansfield $2 Million Per Month To Avoid Retirement

Posted Oct 3, 2012

This past June, Apple had announced that SVP of hardware engineering Bob Mansfield was leaving the company out of retirement.  But then in August, it was announced that he actually was not going to be retiring after all.

Since Apple makes most of their revenue primarily from hardware, Mansfield job is extreme importance.  BusinessWeek is reporting that Tim Cook “nearly witnessed an insurrection” after Apple employees found out that Mansfield’s replacement was going to handle all of his responsibilities.

His replacement was going to be Dan Riccio.  “Several senior engineers on Mansfield?s team vociferously complained to Cook” about it stated Bloomberg BusinessWeek.  After listening to the complaints, Tim Cook offered Mansfield a pay package of around $2 million per month to stay and advise the hardware division at the company.