Apple Chat Bubbles On The iPhone Are Trademarked

Posted Sep 2, 2009

Joe Stump is an Apple iPhone developer that recently had his application Chess Wars rejected.  It took Apple six weeks before they informed him of the reason.  Yesterday Apple called him to tell him that he was being rejected because the chat bubbles are too shiny and Apple has that design trademarked.

The Apple representative said that they need to make his bubbles less shiny.  The Apple rep even suggested that his company makes the bubbles square instead of round just to be sure.  The Facebook and Tweetie applications even use similar chat bubbles which makes the rejection seem unfair.

That is a terrible reason to be rejected nonetheless.  I think the approach Apple should have taken was allow the application but send him a cease-and-desist letter giving him a certain amount of time to remove it and resubmit it.  Making him wait six weeks only to give him a ridiculous reason why the app was rejected just ain’t right.

Joe Stump wrote a profane article about his experience with Apple to get their attention and it worked.  Stump asked Apple why it took so long for the company to give him any sort of response and they only responded when he wrote an article filled with profanity.  Apple said they’d get back to him on that.