Apple Currently Negotiating A $4.5 Billion Deal In Turkey For 15 Million iPad Sales

Posted Feb 4, 2013

Apple’s VP of Education John Couch has been negotiating a very lucrative deal for the company. He is in talks with Turkey President Abdullah Gül to sell 15 million Apple iPads to be used for students there.

Couch was joined by other Apple executives and he is trying to get the country to sign a deal that would value the iPads at $300 each, valuing the deal at $4.5 billion. Part of the talks focused on Apple creating a customized keyboard for the country instead of the traditional QWERTY keyboard.

The Apple iPhone 5 arrived in Turkey on December 14th, about two weeks after iTunes was launched there. Below is a screenshot of what the keyboards in Turkey look like:

[Source / Image Credit: PhoneArena]