Apple Design Leader Jonathan Ive Gets Knighted In Buckingham Palace

Posted May 23, 2012

Apple design leader Jonathan Ive was knighted today at Buckingham Palace. The honor was performed by Princess Anne. His knighthood was first announced back in December. As part of the knighthood, Ive gave a rare interview with The Telegraph. When in college, he studied design at Newcastle Polytechnic (now known as Northumbria University). He often goes back to give guest lectures there.

?One of the things that was interesting about my time at the school of art and design is that you were in very close proximity to graphic designers, fashion designers and fine art students. That?s one of the things that really characterised my time at college and I think it characterises a lot of the energy and vitality in London, this density of such creative diversity,? said Ive in the interview. He added that while at the university, he first encountered an Apple Mac. He considered himself technically inept, but he was amazed to find that the Mac was a computer that he could actually use. ?I suddenly realised that it wasn?t me at all. The computers that I had been expected to use were absolutely dreadful.?

This made Ive curious about the people behind the company that made the Mac. Twenty years ago, Ive moved to California to join the company full time. Even though Ive is often credited as being the lead designer for products like the iMac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad, he always uses “we” rather than “I” when discussing Apple’s design process in order to emphasize a team aspect.