Apple Energy Efficiency Standards Are Backed By Energy Star 5.2

Posted Jul 11, 2012

There has been some concern about Apple not meeting the EPEAT standards going forward because the employees for the city of San Francisco will no longer be using MacBooks.

Apple responded to the concerns by saying ?Apple takes a comprehensive approach to measuring our environmental impact and all of our products meet the strictest energy efficiency standards backed by the US government, Energy Star 5.2,? said the company in an interview with The Loop.

?We also lead the industry by reporting each product?s greenhouse gas emissions on our website, and Apple products are superior in other important environmental areas not measured by EPEAT, such as removal of toxic materials.?

The EPEAT does not measure smartphones or tablets nor does measure toxins.  Dell has 171 products that comply with EPEAT, but none of their products are Energy Star Compliant according to their website.  This means that the EPEAT certifications are clearly outdated.  Apple is known for publishing their carbon footprint on their website and is environmentally friendly.