Apple Exec Phil Schiller E-Mails iPhone App Developer About Rejected E-Reader

Posted Aug 13, 2009

Earlier this week Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller e-mailed an iPhone software developer company over the rejection of their e-book reader application.  Steve Frank of Panic received the e-mail and revealed the details on his blog.

“I haven?t sought Phil?s explicit permission to republish the letter,” wrote Frank, “so I won?t do so here. But to summarize, he said: ‘We?re listening to your feedback.’ Not all of my suggested solutions were viable, he said, but they were taking it all in as they continue to evolve the App Store.”

Schiller also denied a rumor that Apple is rejecting all e-book reader applications submitted to the App Store.  Before Frank received the e-mail from Schiller, he wrote the following about Apple’s App Store process:

“I?ve reached a point where I can no longer just sit back and watch this,” he said. “The iPhone ecosystem is toxic, and I can?t participate any more until it is fixed. As people have told me so many times: It?s Apple?s ballgame, and Apple gets to make the rules, and if I don?t like it, I can leave. So, I don?t like it, and I?m leaving.”

This is the second time Schiller has responded to a blog post.  Before this incident, Schiller responded to Jon Gruber about how Apple handled the rejection of a dictionary application.