Apple Executives Outline Options For iPhone To Grow In Market Share

Posted May 15, 2009

Apple executives announced this week that the iPhone will continue to grow in market share and they are considering several options to keep it going.  Financial firm Oppenheimer stopped by several companies as part of a bus tour to conduct interviews about strategy going forward.

Oppenheimer stopped by Apple yesterday and asked about new products and market share.  Apple said that there is still tremendous potential for the Mac and the iPhone to grow in market share.

In Europe, Mac unit sales have grown 5% and revenue has grown 18%.  However in the U.S. Mac units sold have declined 8%.  Senior analyst at Oppenheimer Yair Reiner stated that the “iPhone is still in its early days and could gain share by: providing more functionality; lowering prices; growing geographically; or segmenting the market with different models.”

Reiner stated that these are just options that Apple is considering.  The company did not necessarily mean that they will do all of those options.  Reiner expects that a combination of those options will take place within the next 6 months.

In terms of the AT&T partnership, Apple said that they were happy with the company and competition has been good.  But Australia is an example of where three carriers are selling the iPhone.

[via AppleInsider]