Apple Expected To Sell 1 Billion Apps By 2009

Posted Sep 14, 2008

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is seeing tremendous sales through the App Store.  So far Apple has sold over 100 million apps – 70 million in August alone.  Given the current rate that Apple is selling applications, they are expected to sell over 1 billion applications by 2009.  This is much faster than the time Apple reached 1 billion in music download sales.  It took Apple 2 years to reach that landmark.

Apple increased a new line of iPods at their latest “Let’s Rock” event.  By giving consumers additional choices for music players, it is likely that they will see an increase in sales of their music player.  By increasing the sales of music players, Apple will more than likely increase the rate of applications and music sold.

During the holiday season, it is expected that the download rate will surge.  However, Apple will have to remain extra-competitive with new services starting to appear.  Amazon recently restructured their video download service.  MySpace Music will be launching later this week with free music streaming and paid downloads. 

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) distributes Spore, the number one application selling at $9.99 per download. The current top 10 paid applications are:

1. Spore Origins

2. PocketGuitar

3. Koi Pond

4. Asphalt 4

5. Air Hockey

6. Ambiance

7. Where To?

8. What’s On?

9. iMprint

10. Election 08′