Apple Fighting Against Musicians To Have Steve Jobs Deposition Made Public

Posted May 1, 2012

In February 2009, I wrote an article about Eminem’s publishing company taking Universal Music Group to court and the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was going to testify. Jobs did provide a deposition for that case and now a group of musicians is bringing a class action lawsuit against UMG. These musicians are interested in hearing Jobs’ deposition from back then, but Apple is fighting against making the deposition public claiming that it contains ?highly confidential and proprietary trade secrets.?

When Jobs made the deposition back then, the court had to shut down to hear it. The judge ordered almost everybody out of the courtroom including UMG employees. When Jobs’ deposition was played before the jury, the judge had also closed the courtroom. Many people were ordered to leave and the transcripts from the trial sessions were filed under deal.

F.B.T. Productions were the producers of many hit Eminem songs and they filed a lawsuit against Aftermath Records, a division of UMG. This lawsuit has been watched closely by the music industry ever since the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determined that a contract between the parties should be read as treating digital music as “licenses” instead of “sales.” The two sides are going to find out how much exactly this will be worth in an upcoming trial. There are millions of dollars at stake here.