Apple Files Lawsuit Against Teenager Fei Lam

Posted May 26, 2011

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) filed a lawsuit against New York City teenager Fei Lam. Lam had sold about $130,000 worth of white iPhone 4 parts. Lam was able to capitalize on customers that were too anxious to wait on Apple to release the official white iPhone 4. Lam claimed that he had a second-hand relationship with someone at Foxconn.

Shortly after Lam reported that an investigator contacted him about selling trafficked goods, his website went down. Apple had filed a lawsuit against Lam and his parents yesterday claiming infringement and dilution of it’s trademarks. Apple also sued them for engaging in deceptive practices by selling the conversion kit sales through his website Apple shortly followed by filing a voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit, indicating that a settlement was made.

Apple’s lawsuit includes quotes from IM exchanges between Lam and Alan Yang. Yang is a business owner in Shenzhen, China. Yang obtained the parts for Lam and indicated that he was having a hard time getting the parts to clear customs agents in Hong Kong.