Apple files patent for fixing autocorrections

Posted Feb 7, 2014

Apple has filed a patent for a way to fix a user’s misspellings. Apple’s autocorrect feature has become a subject of ridicule so the company wants to fix this. Apple generally changes words based on simplistic grammar rules rather than the unique rules found in mobile and IM environments.

The patent is titled “Transient Panel Enabling Message Correction Capabilities Prior to Data Submission.” In the patent, Apple described an improved system for verifying autocorrections before messages are sent. The system will let a user make final corrections to textual data in a message after the user instructed the device to send the message before the transmittal of the message. The autocorrect feature on the Apple iPhone only allows users to change autocorrected words before the message is sent.

“The opportunity is temporary, to avoid impeding the flow of communication, and the textual data is transmitted unmodified if the opportunity to modify it is not accepted,” states the abstract of the patent.

The ability to change the unwanted word may last for a few seconds in order to avoid slowing down a quickly moving “texting session.” However, users will be able to customize the length of the time period based on their preferences.

Apple will learn based on the improvements of the autocorrect suggestions based on the user’s previous revisions. An example that Apple mentioned in the patent is that the Hindi word for “friend” is “yaar.” Apple often changes it to the word “year.” The new autocorrect system would let Indian iPhone users make sure that their messages are not incorrectly altered anymore:

[Source: U.S. Patent Office/AppleInsider]