Apple Gets Patent For Jiggling Icons To Move Apps Around

Posted Apr 16, 2013

Apple has won a patent for a system that allows iOS users to organize apps. If you have an iOS device, then you may have noticed that the icons jiggle when you press your finger down on it.  As the icons jiggle, you can move them around to different columns, rows, or pages.  You can also choose to delete the app if it is jiggling.

The patent is titled “Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing folders” and is patent number 8,423,911.  The patent also shows a way to create folders on iOS using a “folder creation region” on the screen.

The inventor’s name on the patent is Imran Chaudhri.  Chaudhri has been working for Apple since May 1995 according to his LinkedIn profile.  His profile does not say what his position is at the company, but it does say that he “makes things at Apple.”

(Image Credit: Apple/USPTO)