Apple Gets Sued By Wayne Goodrich

Posted Aug 21, 2012

Apple Inc. is getting sued by Wayne Goodrich. Goodrich claims to be a confidant and close adviser to company co-founder Steve Jobs. Supposedly Goodrich was fired for no legitimate reason despite Jobs’ promise of job security.

Goodrich said that he was fired from Apple for “business reasons” that were not connected to his performance according to a complaint that was filed on August 17th. The case was filed in a state court in San Jose, California.

Goodrich worked for Jobs since 1998 and was promised by Jobs in a one-on-one meeting in May 2005 that he would always have a job at Apple. The conversation happened after Jobs’ returned from medical leave to receive treatment for pancreatic cancer according to Goodrich.

?This express promise by Steve Jobs was consistent with a practice that Steve Jobs had, acting on behalf of defendant Apple, of promising job security to certain key employees who worked directly with him for many years,? Goodrich said in the complaint.

Goodrich’s complaint revolves around breach of contract and unfair business practices.  He is seeking damages for lost restricted stock units, wages, benefits, and emotional distress.  He wants compensation for loss of restricted stock that was worth $97.40 per share when awarded in 2008 and about $635 a share as of August 17th.  Apple had discharged him to avoid paying the restricted stock said Goodrich’s lawyer Phil Horowitz.

Goodrich was the executive producer of Apple’s public presentations according to BusinessWeek.  Goodrich said that he played a major role when working with Jobs to coordinate major events like the debut of the iPhone and the iPad.

Goodrich pointed out that one his major accomplishments was setting up the initial meetings Apple had with the company that designed Siri (Siri Inc.).  Apple had acquired Siri Inc. in April 2010.

This lawsuit has ben filed under Goodrich v. Apple, 112cv230651, California Superior Court, Santa Clara County (San Jose).