Apple Gets Sued For Earpods Name

Posted Apr 3, 2013

Apple has been hit with a lawsuit that surrounds the name of their new generation of headphones called Earpods.  Randolph Divisions and Hearpod Inc. filed a complaint against Apple over their trademark “Hearpods.”  Randolph Divisions filed for the trademark name in February 2005 and used the name in their line of hearing aids.

“Both Plaintiffs’ Goods and Defendant’s Goods are similar in nature in that, among other things, they are inserted into the ears of their users and are used to facilitate and enhance the transmission of sounds to the users,” said the complaint.  The lawsuit was filed at a district court in Hawaii.

Hearpod Inc. spent over $625,000 promoting Hearpods products and generated around $1.7 million in sales.  The company clearly has a lot invested in the name and they want Apple to stop selling Earpods and pay damages.  Clearly the damages that Hearpod is seeking sounds unreasonable in terms of a settlement and I hope that the lawsuit gets thrown out since I think the new generation of Apple’s headphones are great.

Apple launched the Earpods headphones when the iPhone 5 and a new generation of iPods was launched at an event in September.