Apple Gives $6,000 Back To Father Of Kid That Bought In-App Goods

Posted Jul 22, 2013

has refunded $6,000 to a family whose 8-year-old daughter Lily Neale who bought many in-app virtual goods for her games.  Lily’s father Lee gave her daughter his iPad to play on, only to have his bank account frozen shortly after that.  After looking at his bank account, he learned that Lily spent almost 4,000 British pounds through the Apple iPad.  Apple sent numerous e-mails to Lee to congratulate him on buying the goods, but he did not notice them.

Apparently what had happened was that Lily admitted seeing her dad’s password and used it herself.  Apple refused to refund the money at first.  “I was very surprised how dismissive Apple were,” said Neale in an interview with Mirror UK. “This was an 8-year-old girl.”

Lee said that most of the games that received the most purchases from Lily were from Campus Life, My Horse, and Injustice.  If Apple did not refund Lee, he might have had to sell his car and a couple of his motorbikes.

Lily is not the only kid that spent a lot of money through the iPad.  A 5-year-old named Danny Kitchen spent $2,500 in only 10 minutes on an iPad.  Apple refunded that amount also.