Apple: Google, Don’t Use Multi-touch for Android. Google: Ok.

Posted Feb 10, 2009

VentureBeat is reporting that Google intentionally chose not to use multi-touch for Android because Apple asked them not to implement it.  Apparently not having multi-touch has been one of the biggets complaints from people using the Android.  An Android team member reported this to VentureBeat.  The Android team member went on to report that he was glad Google did not use multi-touch for their open source operating system because Apple has won a patent for it.  The patent puts Palm at risk because they have a new operating system coming out for their Pre phone that utilizes multi-touch.

Google has had a strong relationship with Apple as Eric Schmidt is on their board of directors.  The iPhone also comes bundled with several YouTube services such as YouTube and Google Maps.  Google Search is also the default for Safari on the iPhone.  Both companies are also rivals of Microsoft.

Will multi-touch be implemented in future versions of Android?  That remains a big question mark because of the patent.  Given the effort Google has put into the Android project and also wanting to capitalize from selling games, it may become necessary.  Apple’s relationship with Google may become a bit more iffy as future versions of Android are released into the mobile market.