Apple has fixed the ‘Gotofail’ OS X security hole

Posted Feb 25, 2014

In a software update, Apple has fixed an OS X security hole. The OS X security vulnerability potentially left millions of users exposed to eavesdropping or account hijacks, according to
CNET. In a support note, Apple reported that an attacker with a privileged network position may have been able to capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS.

The data would is transferred to Safari, Mail, iCloud, and other Apple-made applications even though these communication streams were supposed to be encrypted. The security vulnerability became known as the “Gotofail” bug after Apple’s publicly posted code showed the “Gotofail” term repeatedly:

Apple released a fix for iOS devices on Friday. Since Apple did not release iOS and OS X fixes at the same time, this left laptop and desktop users vulnerable. Fortunately, this issue has now been addressed and fixed.