Apple Having A Hard Time Proving HTC’s Patents Are Invalid

Posted Sep 9, 2012

Apple is struggling to prove that HTC’s data transmission patents are invalid.  HTC accused Apple of infringing on two of their patents that are related to wireless networking.  Apple pointed out that HTC’s patents “are critical” to the use of 4G LTE.  HTC bought the patents in April 2011 for $75 million from a company called ADC Telecommunications Inc.

?I don?t care if they bought these patents to sue you or not,? stated Judge Thomas Pender when talking to Apple’s lawyer. ?They are a property right. Clear and convincing means something to me. I have to be pretty darn certain a U.S. patent is invalid.?

HTC said that they were the first company to sell Android, 4G handsets, and sold “one of the first with touchscreens.”  HTC America’s vice present Martin Fichter said ?LTE products were particularly important to our strategy in 2011. We?re a pioneer in that field.?  Apple claims that HTC does not have proper ownership right of the patents.  Pender said that argument is invalid.

We’ll keep you updated as the trial goes on.