Apple HealthKit has thrown a startup called HealthKit into a tizzy

Posted Jun 4, 2014

On Monday morning, Apple announced a health tool for developers called HealthKit. However, there is already a startup in Melbourne, Australia called HealthKit.

When HealthKit co-founder Alison Hardacre checked her e-mail on Tuesday morning, she received a lot of questions like whether her company cut a deal with Apple or whether it was acquired. Hardacre founded HealthKit in 2012 and registered the domain name that year.

Her website was the number 1 search result for the word HealthKit. Now it has dropped quite a bit in search.

HealthKit helps consumers find health service providers, compare them, and contact them. HealthKit also offers electronic health records and billing software that are customized for various health systems. HealthKit plans to accelerate its U.S. expansion and potentially open an office in Silicon Valley or New York.