Apple Hires David Rice As New Global Head of Security

Posted Jan 26, 2011

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has hired David Rice, a security expert, as the company global head of security. The hire has not been confirmed by Apple or or Rice as of yet. As of right now, Rice’s LinkedIn says that he is the Consulting Director for Policy Reform at U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit. InformationWeek sources say that Rice is “expected to start at Apple in March.”

Other than being a Consulting Director, Rice is also a global network vulnerability analyst at the National Security Agency and a “cryptologic officer” in the Navy. Rice graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1994. He has a Masters in information warfare and a systems engineering degree from the Naval Postgraduate School. Rice wrote a book in 2007 called Geekonomics: The Cost of Insecure Software.

One of the solutions that Rice suggested to increase software security is to tax software companies in a similar way that polluters are taxed for having bugs in their systems and applications. Software bugs are costing the U.S. economy $180 billion per year. “My argument is that manufacturers really don’t have the right incentives to do the testing necessary to create secure software,” stated Rice in a 2008 interview with Forbes.

Apple has really been stepping in terms of hiring security team talent. Apple hired former Mozilla security lead Mwende Window Snyder to work as their security and privacy product manager. In May 2009 Apple hired former director of security architecture for the One Laptop Per Child project Ivan Krstic.