Apple Hires Some Of The Nation’s Top Patent Lawyers To Face Off Against Nokia, Motorola, and HTC

Posted Nov 29, 2010

This week Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is preparing to face off against Nokia Oyj in the in front of the International Trade Commission this week. Nokia claims that Apple is in violation of intellectual property. This is a similar case that HTC and Motorola filed against Apple. To prepare for the lawsuits, Apple has hired some of the top patent lawyers across the country.

“These are very well-known, deep-pocketed, high-end manufacturers,? stated Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione attorney Lyle Vander as quoted in BusinessWeek. ?Usually you have one 800-pound gorilla going after a new entrant. Here you?ve got 800-pound gorillas fighting each other.?

Nokia sued Apple in October 2009 and filed the complaint with the Commission in December. Apple said that Nokia’s motive is to force surrender access to proprietary technology that makes the iPhone different from other smartphones. Apple filed an International Trade Commission against HTC in March over patent infringement with a trial expected to start in February. Motorola filed an ITC complaint against Apple in October over the infringement of 18 patents and Apple responded by filing a case against Motorola claiming that the Droid is using some of Apple’s I.P. without permission.

Bruce Sewell joined Apple as the general counsel last year after leaving Intel, where he worked for 15 years. Before working at Intel, Sewell worked at Brown & Bain, where he had represented Apple in a copyright case against Microsoft. Other lawyers that Apple hired include Robert Krupka (Kirkland & Ellis), William Lee (Wilmerhale-Boston), and Matt Powers (Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP).

Krupka helped Apple negotiate a settlement where Apple agreed to pay $100 million to Creative Technology. Lee represented Broadcom Corp. in a lawsuit against Qualcomm and won the case. Powers had successfully defended a patent on Merck & Co.’s biggest asthma drug product called Singular.