Apple Hits 575 Million iTunes Accounts, 900,000 Apps

Posted Jun 10, 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced today that iTunes has hit over 575 million accounts.  They also announced that there are over 900,000 apps available to customers on the Apple App Store.  Over $10 billion has been paid out to third-party developers.  Out of the 900,000 apps, 375,000 have been optimized for the iPad.

At WWDC last year Apple announced over 400 million iTunes accounts and 650,000 apps.  There were 800,000 apps available for download at the beginning of 2013.  The Apple App Store is expected to hit around 1 million apps by the end of the year.

Apple hit 50 billion App Store downloads last month.  Of that 50 billion, around 10 billion downloads happened in the last four months.