Apple Inc. (AAPL): iPhone 5c sales are low in China

Posted Mar 17, 2014

The sales of the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5c are low in China, according to a report by
Cult of Mac. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s is actually doing remarkably well though. Cult of Mac analyzed data from China-based analytics company Umeng. The iPhone 5 is currently the most popular in Apple smartphone in China right now as it accounts for around 15% of Umeng’s network. The iPhone 5s is at 12% and the iPhone 5c is at 2%. Umeng’s data is based on usage from a network of 75,000 developers and 210,000 apps so it is a reliable sample size. The iPhone 5c is considered to be the least popular Apple handset thus far.
[Sources: South China Morning Post]