Apple Inc. (AAPL) is now letting Bitcoin transfer apps back into the App Store

Posted Jun 16, 2014

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is now letting Bitcoin wallet apps that offer the ability to transfer the crypto-currency is now able to be submitted for the App Store again. The Coin Pocket BTC wallet app was let back into the App Store again. The Coin Pocket app lets users send and receive Bitcoin from an iOS device and offers an in-app QR code scanner, a private key sweep, encryption feature, and the ability to check conversion rates for Bitcoin.

Apple started to drop Bitcoin wallets from the App Store last year. At WWDC, Apple made a change in its developer agreement that gave permission to apps that offer transmission of “approved virtual currencies.”

Many developers predicted that Bitcoin apps would reappear in the App Store again after these rules were changed. The virtual currency transmission apps will have to comply with state and federal laws. The Coin Pocket Bitcoin wallet app has a warning to users that they must comply with local laws. ?You are liable for the use of Bitcoin in your jurisdiction,? warns the app.

Several Bitcoin app developers circumvented the App Store by offering HTML5 versions of their apps that could be run on iOS devices in the browser. By giving the ability to developers to release Bitcoin apps while keeping a closer eye on them. This also greatly benefits Bitcoin traders.

[Source: TC]