Apple Inc. (AAPL) launches environmental campaign

Posted Apr 21, 2014

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has launched a new environmental campaign featuring a revamped environmental responsibility website and introductory video that is narrated by CEO Tim Cook.

“Better. It’s a powerful word, and a powerful ideal,” said Cook as the video opens. “It makes us look at the world and want more than anything to change it for the better. To innovate, improve, to reinvent. To make it better.”

Tim Cook said that the company is looking at ways to reduce its environmental footprint across several areas and is altering materials used in its products to increase recyclability. Cook also highlighted new data center designs and said that the Arizona sapphire plant is powered entirely by renewable energy.

The new website has several sections including Climate Change, Toxins, Finite Resources, and Our Progress. The first three sections involves Apple altering energy products and materials. “Our Progress” is a letter from Apple’s environmental chief Lisa Jackson and a list of environmental wins in the past 13 years. Here are some highlights of the wins:

– Including both data centers and corporate campuses, 94 percent of Apple’s energy is from renewable sources

– Apple is working with suppliers to recycle water with a new Clean Water Program pilot

– All Apple cables used in China are now PVC-free

– Apple has signed the CERES Climate Declaration

– Energy initiatives at facilities in Cupertino have saved enough energy to power 1200 homes per year

– Over 1000 shared bicycles will be available at the new ‘spaceship’ campus

– Over 90 percent of material Apple recycles is from products other than their own