Apple Inc. (AAPL): Quanta Computer reportedly to start producing smartwatch in July

Posted Jun 20, 2014

Quanta Computer in Taiwan is expected to start mass producing Apple’s first smartwatch in July, according to sources with CNBC. Apple has not confirmed or denied that it is working on a smartwatch, which is rumored to be called the iWatch.


This would be Apple’s first foray in a niche product category. Apple’s iWatch would have a display that will likely measure 2.5 inches diagonally and is rectangular, according to the CNBC sources.

The watch will protrude slightly from its band to create an arched shape. It will have a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities. Apple is expecting to ship 50 million units within the first year of release, but the initial estimates may be subject to change.

The Apple smartwatch is in trial production at Quanta, which would be the primary manufacturer and accounts for at least 70% of the final assembly. Even though the iWatch was expected for a while now, the mass production and Quanta’s involvement was not known until now.

Mass production will be starting in July and the commercial launch will start as early as October. LG Display Co Ltd is expected to be the exclusive supplier of the screen for the initial batch of production of the iWatch. The iWatch also contains a sensor that monitors the pulse of the user.

[Source: CNBC]
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