Apple Inc. (AAPL) reportedly shutting down Burstly?s SkyRocket

Posted Mar 14, 2014

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) acquired Burstly, the parent company of TestFlight, last month. TestFlight is a popular mobile app testing platform that is used by many developers. TestFlight stopped supporting the TestFlight SDK and Android support following the acquisition. Now Apple is also shutting down the SkyRocket product.

SkyRocket focuses on app monetization. Burstly co-founder Ryan Rifkin wrote a letter to users saying that Burstly is termining its publishing and SDK license agreement days in 90 days from that letter time, which is June 9th. The letter does not specifically say that SkyRocket is shutting down, but the letter seems to imply that this will be the case.

SkyRocket supported ad mediation, which let developers optimize multiple ad networks and direct ads. It also offered support for cross-promotion and customer segmentation. The service offered ways to segment different customers and offer rewards for loyalty purposes.

Here is the 90-day termination statement that was sent to TechCrunch by a SkyRocket user:

Publishing and SDK License Agreement ? Termination

This letter serves as written notice that Burstly, Inc. shall terminate the Publishing and SDK License Agreement, dated as of XXXX, pursuant to Section X. Pursuant to this notice, the Agreement shall terminate as of 90 days from the date that notice is provided in accordance with Section XX of the Agreement.

We are looking forward to a smooth transition as we conclude our relationship under the Agreement.

Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rifkin

[Source: TechCrunch]