Apple Inc. (AAPL) Reports $37.5B Revenues, $7.5B Profit For Q4 2013

Posted Oct 28, 2013

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has reported their Q4 2013 numbers today and they are up from 2012.  The numbers are in line with what analysts were expecting.  Apple reported $37.5 billion in revenues, $7.5 billion in profits, and 37% gross margin.  Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) sold 33.8 million iPhones, 14.1 million iPads, and 4.6 million Macs.

In Q3 2013, Apple reported $35.3 billion, net profits of $6.9 billion, and 36.9% gross margin with sales of 31.2 million iPhones, 14.6 million iPads, and 3.8 million Macs.

Apple’s board of directors declared a cash dividend of $3.05 per share of common stock.

?We?re pleased to report a strong finish to an amazing year with record fourth quarter revenue, including sales of almost 34 million iPhones,? stated Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook. “We?re excited to go into the holidays with our new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, iOS 7, the new iPad mini with Retina Display and the incredibly thin and light iPad Air, new MacBook Pros, the radical new Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks and the next generation iWork and iLife apps for OS X and iOS.?