Apple Inc. (AAPL): Samsung is appealing $120 million penalty

Posted May 6, 2014

Samsung and Apple may be meeting in court yet again. The patent battle between the two companies started a few years ago. The companies met in court again in March 2014 in regards to five patents. Apple sought up to $2.2 billion in damages, but the jury decided on $120 million. Samsung is going to appeal the verdict.

One of Samsung’s lawyers, John Quinn, said that the company will ask the trial judge and an appeals court to drop the damage award to zero. Quinn is pleased that Apple only received 6% of what it was asking for, but he said that he can’t even stand this amount “because Apple kept out all the real world evidence.” Another Samsung lawyer said that the verdict was “unsupported by evidence.”

The jury found that Apple infringed on one of two patents that Samsung based a countersuit on, but Samsung was awarded only $158,000 in damages. Samunsg was found to have violated three of Apple’s five patents.