Apple Inc. (AAPL) Says DOJ E-Book Case Shows Bias Towards Amazon

Posted Aug 27, 2013

Apple Inc. said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has shown bias towards Apple in price-fixing case.  In a court filing that was filed on Monday, Apple said that the DOJ called the revised proposal is a ?transparent attempt to attack the credibility of Apple and its counsel, and obtain an injunction wildly out of proportion to the issues and evidence in the case.?

Apple said that the DOJ’s brief is predicated on arguments that were abandoned at trial and certain materials never made it into evidence.

?Plaintiffs devote much of their brief to seeking to justify an injunction directed at Apple?s unilateral dealings with Amazon (and other e-book retailers) in its App Store, an issue that the plaintiffs did not pursue at trial. Plaintiffs are seeking a remedy that would give Amazon significant competitive advantage over Apple ? an advantage it is neither entitled to nor deserves,? added Apple.

Apple believes that it is wrong that the DOJ is demanding that rival e-book retailers like and Barnes & Noble can provide links from their e-book apps to their own e-bookstores without having to pay fees or commissions to Apple on the sales made through them.  Apple takes a 30% cut for apps that are sold from the Apple App Store from all of the other developers for application purchases in-app virtual purchases.

Apple also opposes to the DOJ’s proposal for external monitoring.  They believe that this “exceeds the bounds of even criminal price-fixing cases,” but the company also maintains that they never did anything illegal to begin with.

[Source: AllThingsD]