Apple Inc. (AAPL) to expand Buzz Marketing team

Posted May 3, 2014

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has added a job listing for a “Buzz Marketing Manager” based in New York. The Buzz Marketing Manager would be responsible for managing product placement in film and TV. The Buzz Marketing Manager will also foster relationships with “high-profile influencers” to promote the Apple brand. Here are some bullet points of the job:

– Product placement in film & television. Work with the creative side of film & TV to place Apple products. This includes getting necessary approvals, managing and trafficking product inventory, following up with studios, and monitoring media for successful placements.
– Build and maintain relationships with high-profile influencers. Influential Apple users could be directors, actors, artists, athletes, designers and select brands or institutions. Determine which relationships have potential to maximize benefit to Apple.
– Leverage relationships to book events at Apple Store Soho. Collaborate with Apple Retail, PR and iTunes to ensure maximum positive outcome for the effort. Produce a podcast for each event into iTunes and maximize the promotional value of the content through PR efforts and partner channels.

The role will report to the head of worldwide Buzz Marketing. Buzz Marketing is becoming a major part of a product’s marketing strategy. You may remember that Samsung gave Ellen a phone to use for her epic “selfie” that was taken at the Academy Awards. The “selfie” was posted on Twitter and became the most retweeted tweet in history.

Apple’s Buzz Marketing team launched over 20 years ago. It was developed by longtime Apple employee Suzanne Lindbergh. Lindbergh left for Jawbone last October. Lindbergh produced over 1,500 events for Apple’s in-store Meet the Filmmaker/Actor series along with the original Apple “Hello” teaser ad for the iPhone and a promotional tie-in for an episode of “Modern Family” days before the launch of the original iPad. Phil Dunphy, one of the characters in the show, desperately wanted an iPad for his birthday and that was the theme throughout that episode.