Apple Inc. (AAPL) sold over 800M iOS devices, 130M New iOS users this past year

Posted Jun 2, 2014

At WWDC today, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced its latest stats regarding user adoption. Mac sales have increased 12% while the PC industry dropped 5%. The Mac install base is now at 80 million devices and over half of those Macs use Mavericks. As a comparison, Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out that only 14% of the Windows PC install base is using Windows 8.

In terms of iOS, Apple reported that over 800 million iOS devices have been sold thus far: 100 million iPod Touches, 200 million iPads, and over 500 million iPhones. This is up from 700 million iOS devices that shipped as of September 2013. Cook said that 130 million of these users were new to Apple in the past year.¬†When iOS 7 launched last September, over 97% of Apple’s iOS users have upgraded to that version.

The Apple App Store now has 1.2 million apps available with around 75 billion downloaded since it launched. Around 300 million people visit the App Store every week.