Apple iOS 4.3 Update Now Available For Download

Posted Mar 9, 2011

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released iOS 4.3. The operating system was announced on the same day as the iPad 2 event this past week. It was expected to be updated for consumers on March 11, but Apple decided to give it to us early on.

The update is available through iTunes and is preinstalled on iPad 2 devices. Some of the new features include faster Safari browsing and easy media sharing through home WiFi networks. It also adds a personal WiFi hotspot feature to GSM iPhone 4 devices. For iPads, you can also assign either a screen-lock or mute-volume function to the physical switch button.

Apple also released a software update to Apple TV through version 4.2. The software update for Apple TV has additional content from MLB.TV and NBA Game Time. MLB content starts at $20 per month and Game Time starts at $65 per month. The software update has AirPlay improvements too. You can stream content from iOS devices to the Apple TV.