Apple iOS 7 Comes With Major Design Changes

Posted Jun 10, 2013

Today Apple announced iOS 7 at WWDC.  The new iOS has been revamped with more of a flat design emphasized by Jony Ive.  Ive took over the design of iOS 7 after Scott Forstall departed.

iOS 7 has a whole new typography.  The fonts now appear to be skinny and clean.  The WiFi and network signal appearing at the top left of the phone is being replaced with five dots which will be white or gray based on how strong the signal is.  The “slide to unlock” feature is being replaced with translucent text appearing above the background.  The application icons will appear flatter and will not have the typical shine effect that we saw in the past.

iOS 7 has a “today” view that will show birthdays, invitations, calendar events, stocks, etc.  The notification center won’t have a dark grey pattern anymore.

Control Center

iOS 7 will have a Control Center that can be pulled up from the lock screen.  The brightness, volume, WiFi connection, Airplane Mode, rotation lock, or Bluetooth can be controlled from Control Center.  The Control Center will also have a flashlight, music tab, camera tab, and quick access to select app.


iOS 7 has an emphasis on multitasking.  You will be able to multitask between third party apps without consuming too much battery life.  Double tapping the home button will show the multi-tasking mode as usual, but the interface was replaced with live previews.  The Multitasking feature looks very similar to the way that it worked on Palm’s webOS.


Safari on iOS 7 has been opened with a full screen mode.  There is an option to pull down to show the search bar at the top.  The search field now has a unified smart search field to access all of your favorite websites with a single tab.

Safari tabs have a new interface in the form of a vertical carousel.  You will not be limited to how many tabs can be opened.  Currently iOS is limited to 8 tabs.  Safari for iOS 7 will be synced with the iCloud keychain.


The new Camera app will allow you to swipe between camera modes like HDR or panorama.  You will also be able to search for photos based on the date and location within the photos app.  Apple also integrated several filters to make your pictures look more creative.  Photos can be shared through AirDrop, iCloud photo-sharing, and Photo Streams.


Siri now has a new voice.  You can switch Siri to be a male or female.  Voices now include French and German.  More languages will be added over time.  Siri has been integrated with settings so that you can tell the service to increase or decrease the brightness or turn on/off the Bluetooth.

App Store

The Apple App Store has been updated so that you can find apps based on location.  When searching for apps in France, you will see apps about the Louvre or French cafes in the area.  App updates will happen in the background so you do not have to manually hit update.

Activation Lock

If your iPhone was stolen, the thief may try to turn off Find My iPhone.  They will no longer be able to turn the device back on without your iCloud password.  They can also be blocked from messaging or taking calls from anyone.  That’ll teach them a lesson!

Mail App

The Mail App in iOS 7 has features that are similar to the Mailbox app.  Swiping messages will allow you to move or delete apps.

Calendar App

The Calendar app has a new default view.  The top of the Calendar app will show you the current week and a feed of events will appear at the bottom.  You can jump to a later date through a scrollable month view.

iOS Milestones

Apple announced that they have sold a total of 600 million iOS devices.  Android is still in the lead with around 900 million devices.  Apple claimed that iPhone users are 50% more engaged with apps based on time than Android users though.  This is based on a J.D. Power survey.


Developers will be able to get access to iOS 7 today and it will be released for the general public later this fall.