Apple iPad WiFi Issues Could Be Fixed With Future Software Update

Posted Apr 9, 2012

Aaron Vronko, the CEO of Rapid Repair in Portage, Michigan, said that he believes the WiFi issues that people are reporting about their iPad is not a hardware problem. Apple is most likely building a software update that would fix the issue. Apple acknowledge the WiFi problems in the iPad a few days ago. Some of the symptoms include slow WiFi speeds, bad connections, and the inability to detect the router.

?If this was hardware related, it would almost certainly have to be an error in assembly or failure in the chip itself,? said Vronko. ?However, chip-related failure would likely be more absolute in its effects.?

Some people have been able to fix the device by resetting the network settings. There aren’t really any other solutions right now, but we can bet that Apple is working on it.