Apple iPad Will Make Up 2% Of North America Net Traffic By EOY 2011 [PREDICTION]

Posted Dec 9, 2010

According to Chitika research director Daniel Ruby, the Apple iPad will be over 2% of North American web traffic. Chitika has been tracking iPad adoption rates on its ad network. About three billion ads served across 100,000 websites have been served on the iPad via Chitika so far.

As of right now, the iPad is accounting for 0.83% of all Chitika’s traffic. Based on current growth rates, the iPad should hit about 2.3% by the end of next year. Ruby is basing this on a two month data trend.

?For the sake of perspective, the iPad is already on par with Linux in terms of Internet usage market share [in North America] and is on pace to more than double its presence by the end of 2011,? said Ruby in an interview with AllThingsD.