Apple iPhone 3G Initial Launch: Not Built To Scale

Posted Jul 11, 2008

The blogosphere is swarming with complaints about the negative experience users are having with activating their iPhones.  A massive amount of people attempted to upgrade their iPhone 3G cellphones to firmware 2.0 and that took a toll on the activation servers.  Customers were told to go home and upgrade using iTunes.  iTunes was struggling to stay online with all the bandwidth demand.

StreetInsider reported that a store that is about 30-40 miles away from the Pulse 2.0 office in Troy, Michigan had 500 people in line constantly between the time the store opened and 12PM.  The line stretched over 300 yards.  Rather than wait in line, we decided to hang out at the office and go to a Detroit Tigers game later today.  There’s always another day to buy an iPhone 3G Mac fans.

What did you think of the overall Apple/AT&T store experience?  Leave a comment.