Apple iPhone 4 Antennagate Resolved. Owners To Receive $15 Or Free Case.

Posted Feb 18, 2012

A class action lawsuit over the iPhone 4, known as Antennagate has been resolved. The resolution will allow U.S. residents that bought an iPhone 4 to have either $15 in cash or a free bumper case. CNET has quoted co-lead counsel Ira Rothken as saying that the settlement is “fair and reasonable,” which affects 25 million people who will be notified by email and through print ads in USA Today and Macworld.

After receiving a heads-up, people will be able to go to to register their claims. When the iPhone 4 first came out and Antennagate became an issue, Apple suggested holding it differently while they tweak their signal display formulas. Eventually people started receiving free cases. Most likely this recent resolution should end the Antennagate issue.