Apple iPhone: Supposedly Close To Being Hacked & Unlocked

Posted Jul 9, 2007

Apple Inc. may soon be a victim to the mission of Uniquephones[1]. Uniquephones is a company founded by John McLaughlin that focuses on the unlocking of mobile phones belonging to over 600 networks worldwide. McLaughlin stated that he has engineers working around the clock in various countries working to unlock the security system surrounding the Apple iPhone.

There has been numerous complaints with AT&T which is enough motivation for a hackers’ interest in the ability to unlock the phone. On the opening weekend of the iPhone, over 6,000 iPhone unlock codes disappeared from AT&T’s database, thus making the process more complex for Uniquephones. Apple made an exclusive deal with AT&T for use of the iPhone.

McLaughlin mentioned that it is legal to unlock phones in the U.S., but that he expects Apple to attack Uniquephones on issues such as copyright infringement. After succeeding to unlock the iPhone, McLaughlin plans on selling the software to do so for about $49.99.

[2] PCWorld: IPhone Carrier Swap ‘Close’ (via Yahoo! News)