Apple Is Banning Single Radio Station Apps

Posted Nov 25, 2010

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is starting to ban all single-station radio applications from the iPhone and iPad. As of November 10, Apple began to reject single-station radio apps. Apple said that they “will no longer approve any more radio station apps unless there are hundreds of stations on the same app.” Apple is considering these apps as spam.

However DJB Radio Apps president Jim Barcus does not agree with Apple’s ban on the single station apps. “I think after enough broadcast professionals complain and make Apple aware of the fact that radio stations are in fierce competition with each other and listener loyalty makes the listener want to only listen to his favorite radio station, Apple may change this rule,” said Barcus.

Barcus pointed out that there are over 3,000 map apps and 900 flashlight apps. Barcus had e-mailed Steve Jobs to personally appear, but Jobs turned his suggestion down. “Sorry, we’ve made our decision,” said Jobs.

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