Apple is now banning apps that rewards social sharing and video views

Posted Jun 10, 2014

Apple has revamped its policies for iOS 8 in the Apple App Store. This means that apps like Candy Crush and other apps that reward you for social sharing or watching videos could soon be penalized. Apps that promote other apps also violate Apple’s latest terms and conditions for developers.

There are some apps that have received rejections because of Apple’s new rules. An Apple rep said his game violated guidelines around in-game credits for watching videos and promoting apps other than one’s own. Other developers received rejection notices for using social sharing as an incentive.

This will have a major effect on developers because many of them use those incentives to make money from their apps. For example, Tapjoy lets you download an app instead of making in-game payments for virtual goods. Apple told a developer that they can advertise games through standard ad networks. If there is a “More Games” or “Other Games” section of an app, “you should only market your own games.”