Apple iTunes To Start Selling Hottest Tracks For $1.29 On iTunes

Posted Mar 28, 2009

Apple will really be testing the loyalty of their consumers starting April 7.  They will begin charging $1.29 per track for individual singles and selected classic tracks.  This breaks the psychological barrier of the $0.99 per song.  Apple is trying this higher price at a pressing time in the economy where consumers are forced to stretch their budgets.

This move is part of a variable pricing strategy put together by the company which will also see some songs receive a lower download price.

“This will be a PR nightmare,” stated former EMI Music executive Ted Cohen, currently a managing partner of TAG Strategic. “It is for the music industry what the AIG bonuses are for the insurance industry.”

Apple made the announcement about the changes to iTunes this past Janaury.  The songs being downloaded at the new price will be DRM-free.  This means you will be able to copy these songs from multiple computers to your iPod.  Currently the iPod erases all of the music if you want to copy files from another computer.  Many people complained about that.

Will the trade-off be worth it?  We’ll find out in April.

[via LAT]