Apple Files For “iWatch” Trademark In Japan

Posted Jul 1, 2013

Apple has filed for a trademark for the “iWatch” in Japan.  There has been rumors floating around that Apple is going to launch a smart-watch product.  The trademark application was filed at the Japan Patent Office on June 3rd under the product categories “computer,” “GPS device,” “voice recognition software,” and “computer peripheral.”  The application became public on June 27th and it is being reviewed by the Patent Office.

The phrase was filed in Roman letters.  Apple uses Roman letters for most of their product lines in Japan instead of Japanese characters.  Apple also reportedly filed for an “iWatch” trademark in Russia as well.

Apple filed several patents in the United States that indicates that the company is working on a smart-watch product.  One of the patents is for a flexible display that can be used in a curved state.  Another patent is in regards to a curved battery.

Samsung and Sony are both working on prototyping smart watch products.  Sony announced a new version of their SmartWatch product last week.  Sony’s SmartWatch has NFC and is water-resistant.  The Sony SmartWatch interacts with your smartphone as a peripheral with Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail support.  The Sony SmartWatch syncs through Bluetooth.  All of the smart-watch products created by these big companies will be competing against a nimble startup called Pebble.

Pebble Technology created a page on Kickstarter last year and ended up raising over $10 million back in May 2012, which is one of the largest crowd-funded products.